a frosty sunshine coast

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its sunshine of course.  This morning though in the farming hinterland there was a big frost creating a very

different landscape.  The air was fresh fresh fresh and the icy chill in the air exhilarating. It is now a much balmier 15 degrees here in the hinterland hills.


30 minutes at Mylestom

In just thirty minutes on a mid winter July morning the sunrise and the morning light was a treat for the photographer.  The warm ocean and the cold air conjured up a mystical fog.  The light danced and weaved its way through the 30 minutes I strolled along Mylestom Beach.

Mylestom is a tiny hamlet on the North Coast of New South Wales Australia.  It rests just on the edge of a great expanse of beautiful pristine Pacific Ocean beach.

purple velvet in winter

The richness of pansy colour makes a winter garden glow._MG_1102

winter sunrise over the bluff

Winter in the Sunshine Coast hinterland brings beautiful morning light and sunrises to get even the most unwilling out of bed to enjoy over a cup of tea.

Looking out over the Kenilworth Bluff at the beautiful June morning.

Looking out over to the Kenilworth Bluff on a beautiful June morning.

getting ready for winter

Spied this little chap moving in the herb garden looking for a place to attach himself/herself before turningready for winter into a beautiful butterfly over the winter. I guess a lot of people are like this critter with regards to winter.  They just like to curl up into something snug and often furry and sleep right through until the spring!

I do like the fur collar this one has at the top of their ‘jacket’.

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