platypus do live in Eungella NP

While places advertise wildlife sightings, not all of them live up to the expectation.  Eungella National Park, west of Mackay in North Queensland, did not disappoint.  Sightings of the platpus in the late afternoon and early morning were guaranteed.  In fact for the more patient watcher there were several platypus going about their daily routines at any one time.  What a treat and what is more, no difficult tracks and trails to get there!


high in the Paluma Range

Eighteen kilometres of steep and winding road (sealed thankfully) will get you to the crest of the Paluma Range (inland to the north west from Townsville). Within an hour of being there in the late afternoon, the mist rolled in.  The sounds were deadened and silence prevailed through the night. The air was cool and crisp, unlike the coast it rose above.  Walking in the forests was rewarding with birds high in the tree tops, waterfalls and fungi adorning what it could find.

During WW2 the Paluma Range provided a critical communications point for wartime operations in the Pacific.

Girringun National Park

Located west of Ingham in North Queensland is this amazing national park.  The steep and somewhat curvy drive to the top was worth it.  Serene walks, magnificent falls and spectacular views await. Here is a glimpse.

The Wallaman Falls are Australia’s highest permanent waterfall with a 279 metre single drop. The noise of the falls breaks up what would normally be a peaceful setting!

appreciating life’s gifts & rewards

The appreciation of life’s simple gifts and rewards will last you all year, unlike the gifts you may find under your tree today.

Here are 10 reflections on life’s gifts I have captured during the year.

1  Enjoying the company of your best friend

waiting for the waves to pick up

2  Soaking up the fresh air at the Hillbilly Hilton on the Noosa River

living on the noosa river

3  Falling in love again when you never thought you would 

falling in love again

4  Caring for someone or something who has lost their way and needs your helping hand

caring for something less fortunate

5  Strolling down a country backroad with a favourite person in your life

strolling down quiet country roads

6  Feeling the rush of the cool fresh water wash over your body from the Kondalilla Falls

feeling the spill of a waterfall

7  Blowing an air kiss across the room to someone you love

blowing a kiss to someone you love

8  Building a swing to share with others near Lake Weyba

building your own swing













9 Standing back and admiring your Mum and being grateful for all she has done for you

standing back and admiring your Mum

10   Staying strong and recovering from adversity, no matter how harsh

recovery in the Warrumbungles

Talbot Bay in the Kimberley

Just east of the Buccaneer Archipelago is Talbot Bay and the Horizontal Waterfalls.

rusty sandstone cliffs folding into the bay

restricting the water

from flowing away

  Low tide at the NarrowsTalbot Bay Horizontal WaterfallsTalbot Bay first entrance to the Horizontal WaterfallsTalbot Bay with zodiacsTalbot Bay landscapeTalbot Bay & rock wallabyTalbot Bay folding rock landscapeThe Narrows Vista near Talbot Bay

Mitchell Plateau (Ngauwudu) and Falls (Punamii-unpuu) in the Kimberley

traditional lands of the the Worrora, Wunambal-Gaambera and Ngarinyin Aboriginal peoples

115 300 hectares of pure remoteness

rainforest patches

fan palms

open woodlands

pandanus and paperbarks along the creeks

mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians

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