the warrumbungles revisited

In January 2013 the Warrumbungles was devastated by severe bush fires.  The landscape was in tatters.  Visiting there in July 2013 was sad indeed, although there were signs of recovery as this earlier post shows.

In going to the Warrumbungles in July this year there was indeed a changing, growing post fire landscape.  Sadly it will never be the same as before the fires.  One thing which is noticeable two years on is the quiet.  There are a few birds singing their way through the day, but not as many as you would expect in this once diverse landscape.

Nevertheless the Warrumbungles are not going to give up!


beauty & the bush

The Australian bush: a treasure chest of native jewels

Look up, look down and all around

Listen to the feedback: the whim of a breeze, a twitter, slither or squeak

Breathe the air, feast on the colour

So get on out and take a peek

warrumbungles healing

you thought you could destroy me

in this January just gone

your licking flames and searing heat

panting for the signal of defeat

I did not surrender to your call

my strength is now returning

green tips are young and eager

birds upon my branches as yet so meagre

silence lingers in the ‘Bungles

no chirping chomping or chatter

no hikers campers or forest friends

until the day our nature mends

The Warrumbungles in north west New South Wales  (this map will help you locate the Warrumbungles) suffered devastating bushfires in January 2013. You can learn more about the bushfires  at this site.

Rains have come to the rescue and recovery is happening.  The silence on the walks is eerie, awaiting the return of the creatures to the Warrumbungles.

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