the warrumbungles revisited

In January 2013 the Warrumbungles was devastated by severe bush fires.  The landscape was in tatters.  Visiting there in July 2013 was sad indeed, although there were signs of recovery as this earlier post shows.

In going to the Warrumbungles in July this year there was indeed a changing, growing post fire landscape.  Sadly it will never be the same as before the fires.  One thing which is noticeable two years on is the quiet.  There are a few birds singing their way through the day, but not as many as you would expect in this once diverse landscape.

Nevertheless the Warrumbungles are not going to give up!


Gundabooka National Park

A beautiful national park just south of Bourke in Western NSW.  Rich in the aboriginal culture and history of the Ngemba people.

Red soil roads get you through and Gundabooka NP. The landscape is diverse.  Creeks were full of tadpoles and some nearly to be frogs.  The deep blue skies with a hint of rain in the distance created a wonderful backdrop for driving, walking and feeling the spirit of this park.



Silverton – a town of character(s) in the desert

Not a big town these days, but rich in history, character, characters, art and artists.  Of course, Mad Max the movie was made here too.

Mungo – a meeting place

Lake Mungo

Mungo National Park in south-western NSW (see map) has an ancient heritage.  Evidence of early inhabitants who lived and cared for this land over 45000 years ago were discovered here. This makes Mungo one of the oldest places outside of Africa to have been occupied by modern humans since ancient times.

Today three Aboriginal traditional tribal groups care for Mungo.  The Paakantji/Barkindji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi people walk here in their ancestors’ footsteps.

Mungo is a part of the bigger Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area.  The landscape was very different in earlier times.  The lakes were full, the land abundant with wallaby and the lakes with shellfish.

Mungo is a special place with the land resting more easily now since the pastoralists have moved on.

mobile sand dune Mungo NP walls of China Mungo NP

a talented Dan from Uralla

Recently on my way to Sydney I stayed overnight in Uralla, New South Wales.  Even in mid March, the morning air was crisp and perfect for a brisk walk, an opportunity to take in the town before heading further south.

The town is neat and well cared for.  People’s gardens reflect a pride of place.

The best place however was Dan’s.  Down a quiet street I first saw this marvellous gate.  Someone, I did not know who at the time, had made it an artistic floral piece.  The curious kelpies barked at my approach.  It was then I spied a yard full of sculptures and curios.  Dan, the owner approached and I introduced myself.  I stood and chatted briefly and marvelled at his creativity.

Such a talent tucked away in the New England town of Uralla.



12 black & white resolutions for 2014

tick tock to next year

tick tock to midnight

it’s time to reflect

on what we have done

or chose to neglect

cleaning the light bulb

we think up big plans

even jot them down

of the strides we will make

to create our renown


midnight now strikes

fireworks burst bright

the year just gone

fades to black and white

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