red belly in the herb garden

red belly in the herb gardenMaybe he/she thought the herb garden was a herpetarium! Obviously good hunting grounds for small marsupials has seen this red belly snake (pseudechis porphyriacus) return on several occasions to seek out its prey on warmer summer days here at Serendipity.  Oh well, not all critters in a wildlife sanctuary are human friendly!

Pretty much ignoring me while I took the photos, except towards the end, when it decided it needed to show a bit more size in the form of its cobra pose.

red belly does the cobra pose


a popular daybed

One of the locals keen to chill out on the daybed in the hope of sharing a meal with us later perhaps!

carpet python ready to pounce carpet python resting on daybed

teamwork – a lesson from the spider ant

spider ant teamwork

I saw something wriggle on the path.  Instantly I was on high alert.

Upon adjusting my focus, and treading warily, I came across four spider ants (leptomyrex rufipes) relocating this sloughed snake skin.

Working together dragging, pulling and lifting the skin, they edged towards a destination known to them.

Sheer determination and effort is always admirable, usually rewarding but more is achieved when everyone actively contributes.

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