real budgies

Hidden in the trees chattering away live thousands of budgerigars on the dry desert fringes.  They always seem so chirpy and happy to be going about their life with a mate.

One of my absolute favourite birds.


the marble face of Chillagoe

Sure, there are rocky outcrops as you drive into Chillagoe from the east.  There are fences here and there with keep out signs (always a temptation unless they say there is a big dog behind them!) but what are the hiding?

A late afternoon venture into a paddock behind one of these fences revealed these white faces crouching beneath grasses and black topped rock. One day you might see one of these faces as a sculpture in your local park.

Chillagoe charms

Tucked away a couple of hundred kilometres west of Cairns is the small town of Chillagoe.  The rainforest and the wet tropics quickly disappear and you are into dry country with lots of rocks and dust. Once a bustling smelting town, it is now much quieter.  Don’t make the mistake however of thinking because there is no hustle and bustle there is nothing to do. Quite the opposite.

Play golf, go swimming, explore the smelting history, go caving or take  a cool ale at one of the pubs.  No need to set an alarm, the galah chorus will get you up on time. You can easily check the weather before your planned activities too!

looking for lizards

When exploring the Australian bush and outback you often hear rustling noises.  I automatically think snake but more often than not it is just a lizard. It does pay to be cautious here in Australia!

Here are a few of the lizards I spotted recently.  The last one I spied was resting in the sun at my Mum’s house in suburban Sydney early one morning. You never know where the little fellows will pop up with their curious glances.  They are quite photogenic.


no more child’s play

Sitting amongst other forgotten household pieces were these items of a children’s playground.

No longer are they treasured or able to enjoy the laughter and squeals of children at play.  There were probably times too when the hot western Queensland sun on the slippery dip or the crotchety splinters in the see-saw caused other squeals from the little ones.

There are no more laughter or squeals however as they rest forlornly in a distant farm paddock.

see saw reminiscing

see saw at Bowra

slippery dip at Bowra



dragonflies at the billabong

While sitting by this tranquil billabong watching for birds at Bowra in western Queensland I was entertained by these two dragonflies.  They danced around me for a couple of hours.

The freedom to enjoy your day as you wish is something to be grateful for indeed.

blue dragonfly at billabong red dragonfly at billabong

Bowra – a sanctuary for birds

From the moment you drive through the gate at ‘Bowra’ you feel land that has been treated well in its previous life as a sheep and cattle property.  Bowra’ is now an Australian Wildlife Conservancy property in western Queensland, near Cunnamulla.  Birding Queensland have listed over 200 species of birds on the 14000 hectare property. Credit needs to go to the former farming family who understood and respected the land, practicing sustainable farming techniques during their long tenure.

Here are some of the birds I was able to enjoy the company of on a recent visit.


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