dragonflies at the billabong

While sitting by this tranquil billabong watching for birds at Bowra in western Queensland I was entertained by these two dragonflies.  They danced around me for a couple of hours.

The freedom to enjoy your day as you wish is something to be grateful for indeed.

blue dragonfly at billabong red dragonfly at billabong


a beautifully woven web

I am not a big fan of spiders but I did marvel at this beautiful structure and the time and effort it must have taken to put it together.

I love the way the ‘skirt’ seems to dance around the centrepiece.

cyrtophora hirta

This spider web was created by the cyrtophora hirta spider.

sunflower architecture & friends

Nature’s architecture never ceases to amaze.

The complexity, intricacy and purpose for being there.  Even the native bee rests its legs on part of the sunflower structure.

sunflower architecture


sunflower & native bee sunflower & more native bees

getting ready for winter

Spied this little chap moving in the herb garden looking for a place to attach himself/herself before turningready for winter into a beautiful butterfly over the winter. I guess a lot of people are like this critter with regards to winter.  They just like to curl up into something snug and often furry and sleep right through until the spring!

I do like the fur collar this one has at the top of their ‘jacket’.

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