a talented Dan from Uralla

Recently on my way to Sydney I stayed overnight in Uralla, New South Wales.  Even in mid March, the morning air was crisp and perfect for a brisk walk, an opportunity to take in the town before heading further south.

The town is neat and well cared for.  People’s gardens reflect a pride of place.

The best place however was Dan’s.  Down a quiet street I first saw this marvellous gate.  Someone, I did not know who at the time, had made it an artistic floral piece.  The curious kelpies barked at my approach.  It was then I spied a yard full of sculptures and curios.  Dan, the owner approached and I introduced myself.  I stood and chatted briefly and marvelled at his creativity.

Such a talent tucked away in the New England town of Uralla.




the cottage at black mountain

 Birds, trees, mountain air.

Peace the cottage ambience


Haiku by Tom Dobinson a regular and always welcome visitor to the cottage at black mountain

repurposing the humble beer can

You can even build a house if you drink enough beers at Lightning Ridge.

places of residence at Lightning Ridge

A few of the dwellings and living quarters around Lightning Ridge.

escape to Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is in north western New South Wales, around 740kms from Sydney.  Its population is anyone’s guess, but perhaps around 2600.

It is a hot dry and dusty town in the summer and cooler, but still dusty in the winter.  It is a place of character, contrast and mystiqiue.  Black opals and the prospect of richness from the ground has lured many to the ‘Ridge over the years.

They even have their ‘how to vote’ in the current federal election signage out in the opal fields.

Dwellings are varied as is the transport.  The town boasts though one of the best aquatic centres any city would be proud of.  Just a  part of the character and contradiction of this town.

This is the first in several blogs on Lightning Ridge.  You certainly see another side of Australian life at the ‘Ridge.

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