refreshments at nindigully

What more can you ask for –  a great camp spot overlooking the Moonie River (in southern Queensland) on one side and the Nindigully Pub on the other side.  Refreshing all round!



a perspective of Broken Hill

With the backdrop of long and straight slag heaps from mining operations, a town still bustles. There are reminders of tough times and times which produced wealth and stature (and statues atop buildings) in the far western New South Wales town.  

Corrugated iron remains a dominant feature on the landscape whether it be as fences in back alleys, or as houses which have stood the test of time, or on old roof tops which are colouring gracefully with age.

Many of the town’s mining operations have now closed but they still dominate the landscape as reminders.  So do the street names, which are all mineral inspired, as you might anticipate. Navigating around Broken Hill is like reading a periodic table.

The human footprint rather than nature dominate this town in the desert.


Silverton – a town of character(s) in the desert

Not a big town these days, but rich in history, character, characters, art and artists.  Of course, Mad Max the movie was made here too.

Broome’s Jewels

Broome, to some equals Cable Beach sunsets, pearls, camels and a good cold beer to drive away the thirst.  However it was the mix of colours, history and culture of Broome which made me pick up the camera.

the Hebel Hotel

The Hebel Hotel exudes the essence of outback Australia.  The hotel is full of character and humour.  As can be seen from the images it is also home to some talented artists.

You may well ask, where the hell is the Hebel Hotel?

In Hebel of course!  Well, it is just inside the Queensland border from New South Wales by 4 kilometres.  However, it is 660kms from Brisbane (8 hours of driving) and 800kms from Sydney (9+ hours of driving).  It is a hamlet of around 150 people and it proudly boasts this wonderful hotel.

The hotel was built in 1894 and was a part of the Cobb & Co staging network. The town was thought to be named after a German immigrant.

We were too early to have a beer, but one can only imagine on a hot, dry and dusty day the beer here would always taste sensational.  

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