real budgies

Hidden in the trees chattering away live thousands of budgerigars on the dry desert fringes.  They always seem so chirpy and happy to be going about their life with a mate.

One of my absolute favourite birds.


it makes you want to get outside

Geelong waterfront

On a sparkling sunny day, the Geelong waterfront and its vibrancy is the place to be with family and friends.

Include a melt in your mouth fruity gelato along the way.

gelato to go

12 black & white resolutions for 2014

appreciating life’s gifts & rewards

The appreciation of life’s simple gifts and rewards will last you all year, unlike the gifts you may find under your tree today.

Here are 10 reflections on life’s gifts I have captured during the year.

1  Enjoying the company of your best friend

waiting for the waves to pick up

2  Soaking up the fresh air at the Hillbilly Hilton on the Noosa River

living on the noosa river

3  Falling in love again when you never thought you would 

falling in love again

4  Caring for someone or something who has lost their way and needs your helping hand

caring for something less fortunate

5  Strolling down a country backroad with a favourite person in your life

strolling down quiet country roads

6  Feeling the rush of the cool fresh water wash over your body from the Kondalilla Falls

feeling the spill of a waterfall

7  Blowing an air kiss across the room to someone you love

blowing a kiss to someone you love

8  Building a swing to share with others near Lake Weyba

building your own swing













9 Standing back and admiring your Mum and being grateful for all she has done for you

standing back and admiring your Mum

10   Staying strong and recovering from adversity, no matter how harsh

recovery in the Warrumbungles

Catbird Quilt Studio

Be powerful. CREATE!

Gotta Find a Home

Conversations with Street People

Build. Connect. Inspire.

making it up as i go

amy begun saab ~life as i see it. a Vermonter deeply entrenched in Alabama i plant flowers.

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