the western queensland desert blooms

So many flowers and so much green after a wet winter had the western Queensland desert transformed.  Expecting dry and more hostile conditions we were greeted with a lush environment so different to the one in our minds’ eyes.


lorikeet and the cuban royal

Not quite the type of cuban an Australian Federal Treasurer prefers!

lorikeet & cuban royal

This lorikeet was totally undeterred by the hundreds of bees after the pollen in this large cuban royal palm.

bourke’s floral barrows

Hot, dry and remote, you imagine Bourke in western NSW to be desolate and dusty. Driving in from Cobar I glanced to the right and spied this great roadside display. It offered a very warm and inviting welcome and was somewhat unexpected.

Wheelbarrows, bathtubs and washing machine barrels,  overflowing with marigolds defied the images I had in my mind about this far western town in NSW.

I just love pride of place no matter where you are.

a talented Dan from Uralla

Recently on my way to Sydney I stayed overnight in Uralla, New South Wales.  Even in mid March, the morning air was crisp and perfect for a brisk walk, an opportunity to take in the town before heading further south.

The town is neat and well cared for.  People’s gardens reflect a pride of place.

The best place however was Dan’s.  Down a quiet street I first saw this marvellous gate.  Someone, I did not know who at the time, had made it an artistic floral piece.  The curious kelpies barked at my approach.  It was then I spied a yard full of sculptures and curios.  Dan, the owner approached and I introduced myself.  I stood and chatted briefly and marvelled at his creativity.

Such a talent tucked away in the New England town of Uralla.



sunflower architecture & friends

Nature’s architecture never ceases to amaze.

The complexity, intricacy and purpose for being there.  Even the native bee rests its legs on part of the sunflower structure.

sunflower architecture


sunflower & native bee sunflower & more native bees

enthusiasm for life in yellow

I am sure the colour yellow can bring a smile to almost anyone’s face.  Yellow can lift your spirits,  spark your creativity, cheerfulness,  intellect and energy.

Yellow flowers always stand out from the crowd in the garden – they seem to say look at me, demanding your immediate attention.

Here are a few I found to inspire me.  I do admire their enthusiasm for life and their attention grabbing style!

seven of serendipity’s florals

all grown at home in the serendipity garden this year

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