seaton’s farm: a labour of love and necessity

You can still smell the sweat and feel hard work that has gone into the property as you wander around the Seaton Farm.  Farming in the late depression years was challenging.  The Seatons worked the land, built the structures, created dams and these marvellous fences.

This property is a credit to the Seatons and their endurance, courage and tirelessness.

The property is part of the Weddin Mountains National Park (near Grenfell NSW), probably more famous for Ben Hall’s Cave.  The walk to the farm and its surrounds captured my imagination more than the cave.


a frosty sunshine coast

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its sunshine of course.  This morning though in the farming hinterland there was a big frost creating a very

different landscape.  The air was fresh fresh fresh and the icy chill in the air exhilarating. It is now a much balmier 15 degrees here in the hinterland hills.

Mungo – a pictorial of a pastoralist’s retreat

country style


no paint

rust objects


dewey grass

no city farce

Broome’s Jewels

Broome, to some equals Cable Beach sunsets, pearls, camels and a good cold beer to drive away the thirst.  However it was the mix of colours, history and culture of Broome which made me pick up the camera.

The Kimberley – Lake Argyle & the Ord River

The Kimberley, is an immensely rich landscape in its vastness, indigenous culture, mineral wealth and sheer beauty.

It is a landscape of colour and mood.  It has an enduring spirit of an old and experienced land. 

This is the first blog in a series on the Kimberley (see locational map).

a visit to Begonia

Begonia is a 14000 acre beef producing property on the Maranoa River in south western Queensland.  It is around 75 kilometres from St George on the road to Mitchell. Begonia was one of the earliest properties settled in the area with the historic and gracious homestead being over 100 years old.

It is a tough and sometimes cruel country out there.  The landscape, climate and the Maranoa can be your friend or your foe.

After 10 long years of drought, the rains filled the Maranoa to its highest recorded level on the property in 2012. The historic Begonia Homestead was  inundated for the first time in its 100 years.  Eighteen months on, there are just a few pools of water remaining in the Maranoa and rain is desperately needed.  Such are challenges of living and farming in the south west of Queensland.

It is also a beautiful country.  The skies are big at Begonia with bold bright sunrises and sunsets.  Wildlife is active by day and night. The 800 or so cattle (and wild goats too) are about but are spread far and wide across the 14000 acres.

Take a long late afternoon walk, build a campfire or go bird watching by the Maranoa. You will come away rested after breathing in fresh air and exploring a working farm dappled with relics of the past.

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