real budgies

Hidden in the trees chattering away live thousands of budgerigars on the dry desert fringes.  They always seem so chirpy and happy to be going about their life with a mate.

One of my absolute favourite birds.


the western queensland desert blooms

So many flowers and so much green after a wet winter had the western Queensland desert transformed.  Expecting dry and more hostile conditions we were greeted with a lush environment so different to the one in our minds’ eyes.

a glimpse of Tasmania

Tasmania, a wonderful place to visit, explore and feel the clock wind back in time.

Bowra – a sanctuary for birds

From the moment you drive through the gate at ‘Bowra’ you feel land that has been treated well in its previous life as a sheep and cattle property.  Bowra’ is now an Australian Wildlife Conservancy property in western Queensland, near Cunnamulla.  Birding Queensland have listed over 200 species of birds on the 14000 hectare property. Credit needs to go to the former farming family who understood and respected the land, practicing sustainable farming techniques during their long tenure.

Here are some of the birds I was able to enjoy the company of on a recent visit.


shades of the Darling

Stretching for 1472kms, even further if you include its tributaries, the Darling is a wonderful river system.  Unfortunately it has been overused and somewhat abused since early settlement. It needs looking after so the shades of the Darling can be captured for many centuries to come.

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