bird watching along the Daintree River

Early morning and it’s misty rain again on the Daintree.  We venture out anyway on our small wildlife cruise, big lens (although someone will have a bigger one!) and rain gear.  Thankfully the light was good and perfect for capturing, inclusive of rain spots, a few treasures along the Daintree River.


13 lucky crocodile shots from the Kimberley

The Hunter River in the Kimberley looks innocent enough in the early morning, as you might have noticed in an earlier post. It was certainly no accident however that one of its tributaries is called Porosus (from crocodylus porosus, meaning saltwater crocodile) Creek by an early explorer.


Hunter River in the Kimberley

the waters look so flirtingly cool

the heat urging you to swim

say no to temptation

for what lies beneath


Crocodylus porosus are very prolific in this area as the name Porosus Creek might indicate!

King George River in the Kimberley

Even in the dry season with a mere trickle of water, the King George Falls are a beautiful sight.

Huge cliffs, rich colours, weathered sandstones, and the occasional crocodile all manage to feast your senses at any time of day.

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