Chillagoe charms

Tucked away a couple of hundred kilometres west of Cairns is the small town of Chillagoe.  The rainforest and the wet tropics quickly disappear and you are into dry country with lots of rocks and dust. Once a bustling smelting town, it is now much quieter.  Don’t make the mistake however of thinking because there is no hustle and bustle there is nothing to do. Quite the opposite.

Play golf, go swimming, explore the smelting history, go caving or take  a cool ale at one of the pubs.  No need to set an alarm, the galah chorus will get you up on time. You can easily check the weather before your planned activities too!


Gundabooka National Park

A beautiful national park just south of Bourke in Western NSW.  Rich in the aboriginal culture and history of the Ngemba people.

Red soil roads get you through and Gundabooka NP. The landscape is diverse.  Creeks were full of tadpoles and some nearly to be frogs.  The deep blue skies with a hint of rain in the distance created a wonderful backdrop for driving, walking and feeling the spirit of this park.



Wandjina Art – Raft Point

the Worrorra, Wunambal  and Ngarinyin people say that the Wandjina are the creator beings of the Dreaming

they made the world and all it contains

this art captures the spirit of these beliefs

Vansittart Bay Art & Nature

A small and remote bay in the Kimberley is where you find Jar Island and the outstanding and old Gwion Gwion art.  It could be 50000 years old.  Aboriginal legend attributes the creation of the art to birds.

The dating of the Gwion Gwion art is controversial.  No pigment actually remains on the rock surface, making carbon dating impossible.  However a fossilised wasp nest covers part of the paintings and this was carbon dated in 1996.  It was dated at over 17000 years old.

Standing near the Gwion Gwion art, whether they are 17000 or 50000 years old, is a humbling experience.

Time stands still here.

sandstone caves in the Pilliga Nature Reserve

Feel the spirit.

Hear the silence.

Respect the land.

The Sandstone Caves in the Pilliga Nature Reserve (located in north western New South Wales)  are a significant Aboriginal site for the local Gamilaraay people.  The Sandstone Caves are a series of cathedral type caves exhibiting an array of rich colours, sizes and shapes.

Walking around the caves you can feel the finely weathered sand under your feet.

The Sandstone Caves are a very special place where you can sense their enduring spirit.

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