beaching about Australia over the summer

with so many beautiful beaches around Australia you are sure to find one in the summer of 2013/14 which is waiting for you any time of day no matter the weather Advertisements

beauty & the bush

The Australian bush: a treasure chest of native jewels Look up, look down and all around Listen to the feedback: the whim of a breeze, a twitter, slither or squeak Breathe the air, feast on the colour So get on out and take a peek

Broome’s Jewels

Broome, to some equals Cable Beach sunsets, pearls, camels and a good cold beer to drive away the thirst.  However it was the mix of colours, history and culture of Broome which made me pick up the camera.

13 lucky crocodile shots from the Kimberley

The Hunter River in the Kimberley looks innocent enough in the early morning, as you might have noticed in an earlier post. It was certainly no accident however that one of its tributaries is called Porosus (from crocodylus porosus, meaning saltwater crocodile) Creek by an early explorer.  

The Contrasts of Yampi Sound

man leaves his scars so radically different from nature’s surrounds      

Talbot Bay in the Kimberley

Just east of the Buccaneer Archipelago is Talbot Bay and the Horizontal Waterfalls. rusty sandstone cliffs folding into the bay restricting the water from flowing away   

Wandjina Art – Raft Point

the Worrorra, Wunambal  and Ngarinyin people say that the Wandjina are the creator beings of the Dreaming they made the world and all it contains this art captures the spirit of these beliefs

the Montgomery Reef blues

I’ve captured the sights you have to imagine the sounds…….. the rushing  gushing  gurgling  bubbling  enveloping your ears  

Anjo Peninsula C-53 plane wreck

a reminder of world war 2 resting in the Australian bush There are many reminders of World War 2 around the Australian coastline. This C-53 Skytrooper was returning from an evacuation mission to Perth on 26 February 1942. The plane was way off course, with low fuel and fading afternoon light.  The pilot put the plane down on the edge of a large saltpan….

Hunter River in the Kimberley

the waters look so flirtingly cool the heat urging you to swim say no to temptation for what lies beneath ………… Crocodylus porosus are very prolific in this area as the name Porosus Creek might indicate!