bundjalung national park

After travelling the  twenty or so kilometres of narrow dirt road you are rewarded with the Black Rocks section of the Bundjalung National Park.  Long expanses of deserted beach, creeks for paddling and exploring, and a diversity of wildlife awaits you.  A noisy sea at night gives way to a warm orange sunrise across the black rocks. Advertisements

high in the Paluma Range

Eighteen kilometres of steep and winding road (sealed thankfully) will get you to the crest of the Paluma Range (inland to the north west from Townsville). Within an hour of being there in the late afternoon, the mist rolled in.  The sounds were deadened and silence prevailed through the night. The air was cool and crisp, unlike the coast it rose above.  Walking in…

sunrise at mission beach

The early morning cloud lends itself to the creation of a stunning array of light as you look across to Dunk Island.

Chillagoe charms

Tucked away a couple of hundred kilometres west of Cairns is the small town of Chillagoe.  The rainforest and the wet tropics quickly disappear and you are into dry country with lots of rocks and dust. Once a bustling smelting town, it is now much quieter.  Don’t make the mistake however of thinking because there is no hustle and bustle there is nothing to do….

Warrawong on the Darling

Just outside Wilcannia in western NSW is this wonderful hideaway. Camp or caravan to enjoy the Darling River, billabongs and the birds. Bask in the colours of the skies and listen to the early birds waking or the night critters stirring in the cool of the evening.

Gundabooka National Park

A beautiful national park just south of Bourke in Western NSW.  Rich in the aboriginal culture and history of the Ngemba people. Red soil roads get you through and Gundabooka NP. The landscape is diverse.  Creeks were full of tadpoles and some nearly to be frogs.  The deep blue skies with a hint of rain in the distance created a wonderful backdrop for driving, walking and feeling…

shades of the Darling

Stretching for 1472kms, even further if you include its tributaries, the Darling is a wonderful river system.  Unfortunately it has been overused and somewhat abused since early settlement. It needs looking after so the shades of the Darling can be captured for many centuries to come.

it makes you want to get outside

On a sparkling sunny day, the Geelong waterfront and its vibrancy is the place to be with family and friends. Include a melt in your mouth fruity gelato along the way.

sunflower architecture & friends

Nature’s architecture never ceases to amaze. The complexity, intricacy and purpose for being there.  Even the native bee rests its legs on part of the sunflower structure.

yellow looks so lovely on little birds

This eastern yellow robin has spent quite some time hunting for its prey down near the cottage in recent weeks.