a possum release at Serendipity

At Serendipity we have been carefully restoring the property back to nature.  We recently had a release of a gorgeous blond brushtail possum at Serendipity to enjoy some of our hard work so far. She was very keen to inspect her new abode from the safety of her supplied nesting box from Wilvos here on the Sunshine Coast. Advertisements

red belly in the herb garden

Maybe he/she thought the herb garden was a herpetarium! Obviously good hunting grounds for small marsupials has seen this red belly snake (pseudechis porphyriacus) return on several occasions to seek out its prey on warmer summer days here at Serendipity.  Oh well, not all critters in a wildlife sanctuary are human friendly! Pretty much ignoring me while I took the photos, except towards the end,…

lorikeet and the cuban royal

Not quite the type of cuban an Australian Federal Treasurer prefers! This lorikeet was totally undeterred by the hundreds of bees after the pollen in this large cuban royal palm.

not everything you see is real!

Looking for quirky bits and pieces is a favourite pastime.  Hence, ‘the blue budgie’ in the garden.  In taking the photo of the pale-headed parrot though I realised she too looks very much like the quirky dec just 2 metres away!

who would you rather meet?

When wandering around outside here at Serendipity, some things are best seen from the back, heading in the opposite direction to you! Check out those claws. Others are much more welcoming.

slash pine favourite

their mournful cry rings out across the sky graceful glide style jet black stops to eat awhile a slash pine favourite

stare your enemies down

Lorikeets are small but feisty.  They are more than happy to stand up to bigger birds.  This pair figured they were on the branch first and were not in the least bit daunted by the magpie. A message about life in general perhaps?

a beautifully woven web

I am not a big fan of spiders but I did marvel at this beautiful structure and the time and effort it must have taken to put it together. I love the way the ‘skirt’ seems to dance around the centrepiece. This spider web was created by the cyrtophora hirta spider.

sunflower architecture & friends

Nature’s architecture never ceases to amaze. The complexity, intricacy and purpose for being there.  Even the native bee rests its legs on part of the sunflower structure.