about lateral horizons photography

What is it that gets you up and about in the morning? For me, Lisbet Dean, the great motivator is simply the joy of living in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, about 30 minutes from Noosa.

As a photographer, my other great motivator is the opportunity to capture the spirit, energy and essence of the story and of the moment, anywhere.

In the Noosa hinterland hills,  I am constantly looking around to see who or what we might be sharing our property with on any given day.  Will it be the elusive koala, wallaby or wedge tail eagle, or the cheeky king parrots, noisy lorikeets or shy doves, the pesky brush turkey or even the odd snake?   Perhaps, I will get the chance to capture a magic sunrise, sunset or wild storm.

More to the point, will the moment be patient enough for me grab the camera, check the settings and press the shutter? Here are some of those lucky moments.

My aim as a photographer is to capture images which convey a message or emotion at a special moment in time.  I strive to create quality images which connect with you, taking you on an emotional journey, visually telling you the story.


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