a walk in the Daintree

A couple of months ago we ventured to FNQ (Far North Queensland) to experience the wet tropics.  We went as far as Cape Tribulation and weaved our way back down the coast.  We spent a lot of time walking some absolutely magnificent rainforests.  How lucky we are in Australia to have such expanses of forest to explore and share with the many tourists from all over the world.

The most challenging part for me was not the bugs or mozzies.  It was the ‘dry’ season so they were few and far between. The challenge was taking photographs which could aptly depict the grace, age and splendour of these rainforests. Over the next few posts I hope you enjoy following the journey back down the Queensland coast.

In the Daintree the boardwalks through the forest were perfect for experiencing the shadows, the colours, and the damp aromas of the forest.  For the most part, the ‘wait-a-while’ vine is cleared from the walkways.  Get it near a shirt or hat and you are stuck and going nowhere!


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