Bowra – a sanctuary for birds

From the moment you drive through the gate at ‘Bowra’ you feel land that has been treated well in its previous life as a sheep and cattle property.  Bowra’ is now an Australian Wildlife Conservancy property in western Queensland, near Cunnamulla.  Birding Queensland have listed over 200 species of birds on the 14000 hectare property. Credit needs to go to the former farming family who understood and respected the land, practicing sustainable farming techniques during their long tenure.

Here are some of the birds I was able to enjoy the company of on a recent visit.



2 Comments on “Bowra – a sanctuary for birds

  1. The birds are amazing !!

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  2. I find birds difficult to capture, but you are very good at it Lisbet. Snaring a spoonbill and a lapwing, going in opposite directions, in the one frame is no mean feat!
    Yet another interesting post. Thanks.

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