Mungo – a meeting place

Lake Mungo

Mungo National Park in south-western NSW (see map) has an ancient heritage.  Evidence of early inhabitants who lived and cared for this land over 45000 years ago were discovered here. This makes Mungo one of the oldest places outside of Africa to have been occupied by modern humans since ancient times.

Today three Aboriginal traditional tribal groups care for Mungo.  The Paakantji/Barkindji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi people walk here in their ancestors’ footsteps.

Mungo is a part of the bigger Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area.  The landscape was very different in earlier times.  The lakes were full, the land abundant with wallaby and the lakes with shellfish.

Mungo is a special place with the land resting more easily now since the pastoralists have moved on.

mobile sand dune Mungo NP walls of China Mungo NP


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