Extending an olive branch in peace

olives in the paddock

While they are not a native species, olive branches are symbolic of peace.  This tree in our paddock will stay as a symbol of peace at Serendipity.  It will symbolise reaching out to nature, bringing peace, safety and serenity to the land we share.

Perhaps the world would benefit from more olive branches?


4 Comments on “Extending an olive branch in peace

  1. This is great piece of nature and a real sentiment to live by.

  2. We are so looking forward to seeing you both soon, and I will show you my small olive tree. It was given to us as a gift to celebrate the naming ceremony of a baby in our extended family. I thought it was a lovely gift and I have sent the mother a photo to show her how it is growing and hope the baby is keeping pace!

  3. Dear Lisbet,

    You are rapidly becoming the Photography Philosopher!

    Good luck to you.



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