Hunter River in the Kimberley

the waters look so flirtingly cool

the heat urging you to swim

say no to temptation

for what lies beneath


Crocodylus porosus are very prolific in this area as the name Porosus Creek might indicate!


One Comment on “Hunter River in the Kimberley

  1. Great shots Lisbet. I love the Brahminy Kite. The underwing, seen only from below when the bird is in flight, is breathtaking and a photographer’s holy grail. Something to aim for in the future. That water system looks immense, and I have never heard of the Hunter River in WA. Great slabs of this country’s history I know nothing about and another example of how east-coast-NSW-Sydney-centric we can all become. I enjoy your posts. You have a extensive archive of very good shots now. B

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