sculptures in the scrub

You can feel the enduring energy and spirit in this Pilliga landscape.

It rests over 550kms from Sydney in at least 500,000ha of forests, national parks and nature reserves.  Now there are these thoughtful sculptures in the Dandry Gorge magnifying the harmony of nature and culture in the Pilliga.

Timmallallie National Park, just out of Baradine in north western New South Wales , is where you will find Dandry Gorge.  It is a beautiful gorge with a high walk above the Pilliga Forest floor down into and along a wide dry river bed.  The local Gamilaraay Aboriginal people are proud of this serene and special place.

The sculptures are made from bronze, stone, wood and stainless steel. The sculptures were developed by Australian artists Brett Garling, Col Henry and Ken Hutchinson and Aboriginal artist Badger Bates.  They were funded by Gawambaraay Pilliga Co-management Committee.

This 500 000ha landscape is lucky enough to be in public ownership. It is made up of cypress pine, ironbark, scribbly and river red gums, heathlands and sandy creeks. Birds abound in the Pilliga landscape, as do mammals, frogs and flora.  While the bush really bursts into colour in spring, wildflowers can be seen dotting the scrub nearly all year.


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  1. These sculptures are wonderful! Great photography too …

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