escape to Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is in north western New South Wales, around 740kms from Sydney.  Its population is anyone’s guess, but perhaps around 2600.

It is a hot dry and dusty town in the summer and cooler, but still dusty in the winter.  It is a place of character, contrast and mystiqiue.  Black opals and the prospect of richness from the ground has lured many to the ‘Ridge over the years.

They even have their ‘how to vote’ in the current federal election signage out in the opal fields.

Dwellings are varied as is the transport.  The town boasts though one of the best aquatic centres any city would be proud of.  Just a  part of the character and contradiction of this town.

This is the first in several blogs on Lightning Ridge.  You certainly see another side of Australian life at the ‘Ridge.


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