the Hebel Hotel

The Hebel Hotel exudes the essence of outback Australia.  The hotel is full of character and humour.  As can be seen from the images it is also home to some talented artists.

You may well ask, where the hell is the Hebel Hotel?

In Hebel of course!  Well, it is just inside the Queensland border from New South Wales by 4 kilometres.  However, it is 660kms from Brisbane (8 hours of driving) and 800kms from Sydney (9+ hours of driving).  It is a hamlet of around 150 people and it proudly boasts this wonderful hotel.

The hotel was built in 1894 and was a part of the Cobb & Co staging network. The town was thought to be named after a German immigrant.

We were too early to have a beer, but one can only imagine on a hot, dry and dusty day the beer here would always taste sensational.  


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